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1.) n. One of the greatest bands ever to arise from Mansfield, Texas. They're under the similar genres of Indie, Rock, & Alternative. The band consists of 5 members. Most of them are considered scene kids.

2.) adj. Of, at, relating to, or forming a limit, boundary, extremity, or end.

3.) adj. Causing, ending in, or approaching death; fatal.

4.) n. A town at the end of a transportation line.
1.) Did you get the new Terminal album, "How The Lonely Keep"? It's the fuckin' shit.

2.) You're almost at the terminal of the level.

3.) My dear, I believe you have Terminal Cancer & there is nothing we can do to save you. We've done the best we could. I'm sorry.

4.) Girl: After we get off the train, we'll hit the terminal. My boyfriend said there's a nice lodge there with a great view.
Boy: You're a great view. ;]
by RomanticTragedy July 27, 2005
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