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Better than the shithole the haters above me live in.
A city that will rebuild with a little time and 150,000 sqft of sand and concrete
Man1: "what did the hater above me say about new orleans?"
man2: "dunno there was so much shit flowing out of his mouth i went to go get toliet paper out my bathroom for him"
Man1: "o"

NOguy1: Wow i new mayor nagin would get his act together and have the city rasied and re-zoned
NOguy2: yea but i can belive what happend to that shithole that the guy above me lived in
by Rollin-4_YC March 16, 2007
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Term used to get Ofay's (whites) in serious shit loads of trouble. Claiming we(blacks) heard hem say it
black guy1: Was up ma nigga
black guy2: nothing much nigga

black guy:was up nigga
mexican guy: nothing much my nigga

black guy: was good nigga?
white guy: nothing much my nigga?
black guy: -bitch slaps- What you say cracka?

Black guy robs 2 white guys in an ally, then ties them up and takes their wallets. In court the black man is let off because he tells the judge they said nigger. The white people are sued and then are fired from their jobs because they are "racists" while the black man gets the key to the city for his "opprestion"
by Rollin-4_YC March 16, 2007
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