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Potentially, any one of the numerous corporate sandwich shops that have sprung up in the past few years throughout America's cities and exburbs. More specifically, a "Jimmy Jones" is an establishment that does not offer the highest quality foodstuffs and/or ambiance for the savvy consumer's dollar. The creepy owner or owners of such shops would be the Jimmy Jones in question.
"Maybe I'm crazy, but this meatball sub taste like syphilitic crotch-lather."
"Yeah, I noticed a few pubes in my 'Italian Herbs and Cheese.'"
"I guess they'll hand out Jimmy Jones franchises to just about any sleazy motherfucker out there."
"Man, screw this... Lets go to Domino's and eat some of their cheesy cardboard instead."

"Jimmy Jones: Free Kool-Aid"
by Rogue Employee July 12, 2008
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