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argentine for falkland islands... small, useless islands near the end of the world.
In 1982, the militar junta (dictadure that "dissapeared" more than 30000 people deemed left-wing "subversives", impulsed and loved by the US during it's active years) losing extreme popularity,Galtieri's forces invaded the lightly-defended British Falkland Islands in April 1982, and he declared the "Malvinas" a province of Argentina — as they had been according to Argentina from 1820 to 1833, before Britain re-gained control over them.
Galtieri sended conscripts. lots. poorly equiped kids against one of the greatest armies of the world.
When these boys were starving, freezing and getting shot, Galtieri's media lied to people (ESTAMOS GANANDO---we're winning)... the good thing is, whith the defeat, people FINALLY kicked the asses of the "milicos" and since that moment, Argentina has beeen ruled by corrupt presidents
jorge: my father fought in the Malvinas
Daniel: holy shit, what a hero! can I talk to him?
jorge: I really doub it. he freezed to death in a fox hole
by Rodrigo (A.K.A Marmol) May 29, 2007

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