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1. Synonym for Batman (Bruce Wayne).

2. Ninja.

3. College student who knows more about true Hip-Hop than B.E.T., Chris Brown, T.I., T. Pain, and many other rappers combined.

4. Synonym for amazing, found in all major dictionaries

Being real whilst having unbelievable loyalty.
5. Creative genius, most likely involves himself in music and movies, he's a jack of all trades.
6. 100% chance he's a great kisser/lover.
1. person 1: "Where's Rashid?"

person 2: "Do you mean Batman?"

2. Rashid is so ninja! (or) Rashid's a ninja!

3. Rashid says: "If you want true Hip-Hop look at Common, Ice Cube, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Tupac, Biggie Smalls,..."

OMG I love him, he's Rashid!

Who did that beat? Probably Rashid! Yo whose dropping those bars, that's Rashid too

I just want to kiss Rashid, have you seen his lips? OMG
by Roc Haven December 21, 2016
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