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A group of people, normally between the ages of 10-30 who hate the fans and show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bronies will refer to them as homosexual, and the Anti-Bronies will refer to them as homosexual. Bronies will try to ignore, But they realize that the Anti-Bronies are far to annoying (Being all over the internet and stuff) to do so. The typical Anti-Brony will be 13 or 14 years old. The Bronies will repeatedly use the term Love an Tolerate to annoy the Anti-Bronies enough to make them stop. The Anti-Bronies will not stop until all of the Bronies are dead, become neutral, or convert to an Anti-Brony. There currently is more Bronies than Anti-Bronies, and that is more than likely NOT subject to change (Considering the Growing fanbase MLP:FiM) Most Anti-Bronies are 1000 Times more annoying than even the most annoying bronies.

This article has been written By a Brony. Remember guys, LOVE AND TOLERATE!
Brony: I sure love fluttershy!
Brony 2: No way bro, Rainbow Dash is the best pony!
Anti-Brony Horde: FAGGOTS!!
by Robochicken7 June 02, 2013

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