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The coffin like mettle contraption with a womans body on the front. Made of iron with drainage holes in the bottom, it has sharp spikes on the inside. As the device is closed upon someone on the inside, they are pierced many times, and their blood flows out the bottom. This device is currently sued by The Moldman
OMG, The Moldman got him with his Iron Maiden, when the emts got their he didnt have a drop of blood in his body!
by Robert Sturtzen May 02, 2005
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The largest airsoft company I know of, based in japan. They manufacture 90% of the crappy guns I play with and against. They are pioneers in the development of the Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) with their 1990 release of the m16a1/2, fa-mas, mp5 series and g3's. They are incredibly common in airsoft because of their development of hicap mags carrying hundreds of rounds. They sacrifice duribility, fps, and rpms for the ability to use these hicap mags, and use batteries instead of gas. they are approximately 20 dollars cheaper than a used classic gun, but their upgrades cost much more. They also manufacture some gas pistols and spring guns which are obselete before you buy them as pistols have an accurate range of 12 feet in airsoft.
Guy: You shouldn't make a tm p90 go up to 1000 rpm, your gonna burn out your gear box, ha ha!
Me: For the last fucking time I have Toy Tec p-90 and it runs on co2!!!! There are no gears!!!!
by Robert Sturtzen May 09, 2005
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