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Meaning excrement on shoe, often used by farmers or ramblers.
McCloud: achh no Gareheart.
Gareheart: Whaaa is it mun.
McCloud: why ye stood in a pile a cow clap bonne.
Gareheart: oh no tha' jus' a wee pile er clap foot.
Gareheart: .... look 'e' yous foot mun.
McCloud... ayy i stood in a fookin'poop pile.
by Robert H March 08, 2006
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generally defined as wheels on a car. Two zeros, four zeros - motor bike (not garage racing).

{ Bruv one: Yo homes, nice ride essai.
Colgate guy: yer blud, got myself a new whip, got nos, suspenison, dual exaust, combustion engine, turbo.
Bruv two: shit you got all that stashed on two zeros?
Colgate: playa, you saying i lying, i outta kirb you and do my dirty business in your mouth.
Bruv: basse me coulo, bendicko.
Colgate guy: shiny whites; my days, draw for d' b-bat, crack, you aint wise cracking now 4 ball.
by Robert H March 08, 2006
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