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A Boomer Doomer is a term coined by Ryan Essary in 2020 to describe a person born between roughly 1945-1965, "The Baby Boomer Generation", who is part of the worst generation of all time. Due to the BD's actions, or lack thereof, the United States was slowly transformed from the world's Superpower with the freedoms other country's citizens dreamed of, into a desolate and crumbling empire due to their limitless greed and pursuit of profits at the expense of the rest of us for all time. Quite simply they have doomed us.
Person 1: "Hey why is your dad watching Fox News? Doesn't he know that crap is poison?"
Person 2: "Dude he is a dumbass racist Boomer Doomer, I try to reason with him but he has the I.Q. of a lamp."
by Rlessary June 25, 2020
A heighten state of sexual arousal that is primarily caused by long periods of isolation with little to no human contact due to the 2020 SARS-CoV-2 "Coronavirus" Pandemic.
Man the Quarniness is killing me, it's been 4 months of being stuck inside with no trim listening to these dumb fucking idiots The Boomer Doomers on tv talking about a bunch of shit no one gives a fuck about, meanwhile the American Dream is as dead as the next pussy I get to smash.
by Rlessary June 26, 2020