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A phase in the decade to buy all the fucking toilet paper in the world, Than buy food or die surrounded by toilet paper or the phase that we will tell our kids one day that cause the great toilet paper depression
It all started because of a gorilla named Harambe

This is why you people can be told the truth about ALEINS
also were the fuck are the ZOMBIE'S??
Timmy: Grandpa what caused the great toilet paper depression in 2020
Grandpa: Well kid let me take you back to the good old day's back in good ol' 2016, Were the music was good. A gorilla named Harambe was killed and everyone caused an uproar and it went on from there my boy. Then all of a sudden in the first 2 months of 2020 there was a virus from china and here it was in the US it was called. The Corona Virus
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by RiseAgainstToiletPaperBuyers March 22, 2020

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