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A back grounded or born italian living in Canada,known for being loud and rowdy and to be cocky about themselves when they have good reasons to be while other people just watch jealously,very proud about there italian heritage and overly obsessise about it,all ginos wear gel in there hair by either spiking or mohawking or evn just buy spiking in tha front while the rest stays flat,drive nice suped up hondas or any type of racing car,brags more about doing things than actually doing them listens to either techno or rap music and likes to show off everytime they wear or have something nice wich happens almost always because they always do.They wear gold and silver chains with crosses on them are really confident about themselves and like to grow chinstraps on there face,,they also love to look good by working out and tanning n by wearing expensive clothing like ferrari, seanjohn, prada, versace, puma, adidas, g-unit e.t.c ,when wearing collared shirts the collar must be popped or else its like a sin. They use tha slang words to refer to there friends like bro bud and welcomes other bros by saying whats happening, whats going on, whats going down, whats goin onn, whats happenin broo, and say bye by saying ciao, ciao bro, later broo, take it easy, watch those chickss uhh;)and when talking sometimes stretches words out for ex:what are you taaaaalking abouuuut.Also refers to there mothers as ma,and when the hair gels out they usually yell from there rooms,,MA WHERE THA GEL!?!?!THey also use alot of hand gestures when they talk and when there angry or unsure about something, they usually stick there shoulders up and move there hands around while they try to explain things.
The gotti boys,grandchildren of tha famous mob boss john gotti,even though in america males like these would be considered guidos but considered ginos in canada.
by Rickkkkkkckckckckckckck February 26, 2008

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