1 definition by RichardFear

N. A COLD stoned bitch who famously said the may 12th Chinese Earthquake which caused 67,000 death, 365,000 inured, and 21,000 missing is "negative karma"

"And all this earthquake this stuff happened and I thought, is that karma? When you are not nice the bad things happen to you.".

Adj. A stupid Hollywood celebrity who supports the "anti China" bandwagon just for publicity stunt, fact that they have no knowledge about what they are supporting and have iq less than 40.
Hitler: The holocaust killed 3 million people because it was "negative Karma

Israeli: That comment you just made was COLD BLOOD and colder than that ice picking scene from "Basic Instinct" , you are so Sharon Stone.
by RichardFear May 27, 2008
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