1 definition by Rich Stadler

This is a true classic. Maybe it started in the early 90's.

Depending on the hour of day and the neighborhood, this phrase is yelled at me semi-regularly.

It means(obviously):

"I intend to knock you off of your bike and take it from you."

"I may be kidding, but if I can scare the s*it out of you, that's enough for me."

"On the other hand, depending on my state of mind, I may be very serious, and you best give up that f*ckin' bike like right f*ckin' now."

"Now you have to decide whether to try to get away or just succumb to the beatin' you got comin'."


"I'ma have dat bike. It just be a matter of how."
"Hey, yo...gimme dat bike!"
by Rich Stadler April 3, 2007
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