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A rehash is commonly used to refer to a remix of a song by another artist without much or any really change to the song itself. Seen a lot in pop, rap, techno music today, and very frequently with jazz and classical music in the earlier years.
Usually easily identifiable by the very similar, or exact-sounding lead, bass, or drum lines heard in a song.

Though, take care to remember that some DJ's and artists can very easily remix a song, that uses a lot of the same lyrics and lines as the original. But still add new beats, breaks, and a new feel to the song, and have the song be a legitimate remix.
Pitbull rapped over Nicola Fasano Vs Pat Rich's '75 Brazil Street', and made a rehash of the song.

'Oh man! I saw a band do a terrible cover of Led Zeppelin last night!'
'Really dude? I heard a DJ spin a terrible Rehash of Sandstorm last night!'
by Ricebowl Lee January 17, 2010
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1) adj. When you are beaten by someone decisively due to pure skill or experience. Usually meaning the other person is out of your league.

2) adj. When you are beaten on a basis of class and less so on skill. Usually on terms of maturity, smoothness, and excellence.
1) "Damn dude! You got out classed in pool! You had no chance against that guy!"

2) "The difference? You threw up and passed out, while he stayed his cool and kept all the ladies company. He outclassed you man."
by Ricebowl Lee April 25, 2010
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Pronounced "Oh-Oh-Nah". A phrase usually coined by Filipino's to say "OK". Usually used in slang to close friends or family members in an annoyed or sarcastic manner. Can be said as just "Oh oh, oh oh." When given a tasks or command.
Mom: "Hey! Stop dropping rice on the floor! You always create such a mess!"
Son: "O o na..."

Friend: "Man! I just finished my workout! My gun's are HUGE!"
Friend: "Hah hah. O o, O o na. Whatever you say."
by Ricebowl Lee July 21, 2009
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