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An (unintentionally, I think) hilarious music video by the rap group Trunk Boiz. Both the song and the video are very low-budget - but this doesn't mean the 'Boiz are underground hip-hop; it's closer to Soulja Boi without funding.

Things to watch out for:
1. The vocals sound like they were recorded at midnight - almost all of them are in a loud whisper
2. The video appears to be shot on a hand-held camera.
3. The first verse contains the following rhyme: "I go stupid, dumb, 18 retarded/On my scraper bike lookin' hella retarded."
4. The rapper with the first verse is wearing a black-and-silver weed leaf hoodie.
5. One member of the group (dreaded and has a yellow-and-green hat that still has the tag) never sings in the video but simply does "the upright worm" dance.
6. In the last verse, one of them claims that because his bike has handlebars, he "doesn't even need to steer," implying that the scraper bikes are, in fact, some bike/unicycle hybrid.
7. Throughout the video, the crew ride their bikes in traffic several times, oblivious to traffic. For unknown reasons, these clips were not edited and several shots show the weed-leaf-hoodie MC nearly getting hit by cars.
by RhymesLikeDimes October 24, 2009
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