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a word used by five percenters to refer to females.
"My old earth is fuckin wit the god."
by Revolutionary Mind September 24, 2007
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Mostly used among New York Latinos (Mostly Dominicans, Puerto Ricans) denoting that this were boring or Not going to go down like that.
Cuca:"After the club night I went back with Papo to his house."
Ta-ta: "Please don't tell me he tried push up on you?!"
Cuca: "He tried but I was like that shit is muerto papa."
by Revolutionary Mind November 01, 2007
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means nothing is going on; things are dead.(New York-Bronx)
Kid 1:"Yo son how was that party?"
Kid 2:"Son that shit was sanchez"
by Revolutionary Mind September 26, 2007
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