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FIRSTLY, here is something it is not. MEH isn’t used as a form of abbreviation such as LOL or LMFAO etc

MEH is predominately used as a verbal form of communication, but can be used in written form..

There are many cases in which MEH can be used.Most commonly it's used for another word for whatever,i dunno and i don't care.

It can be used as an answer for pretty much every question.It can also be used as a statement.

MEH can mean either yes or no, I like it or i don't like it, This is good,not good etc. It all depends on the tone of the MEH

Then there are the extreme cases of using MEH like during sex MEH MEH MEH!!!
A really important thing to remember is the tone of the MEH. It makes all the difference. MEH can be used in almost any situation and yes it is a lazy way of speech, but MEH
- “Hi Renee how has your day been?”
“MEH” aka alright, average, you know, can’t be bothered explaining it too you,
- “hey Renee did u hear that Stacey doesn’t like you”
“MEH” aka whatever, i don’t care, i don’t give a fuck
- You stub your toe or hurt yourself”
“MEEHHHHHHHHH” aka ouch, fuck, that fucken hurt
- “what do you think my cooking tastes like?”
“MEH” aka i don’t know, yeah good, really good, bad, (all depends on the tone of the MEH)
- “Are you having fun”
“MEH” aka yes, no, kind of (once again it depends on the tone of the MEH)
by ReneeK September 06, 2008
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