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A Therian, short for Therianthrope or Therianthropy, is someone, most commonly a human, who feels a spiritual connection with an animal that is not a Homo sapiens. The most common animals in the Therian communities are felines, canines/vulpines/lupines, equines, etc. Sometimes, though, there are Therians who claim to be connected to an animal that does not reside on the Earth. For an example, a unicorn or dragon. These are more commonly called Otherkin Therians.

Despite the usual Therian wearing either animal, real or not, tails and/or ears, they should not be mistaken for furries, as they are completely different to each other.

Therians, or Therianthropes, are able to 'shift', as well, although not all can. It has been discovered that there are eight different kind of shifts that a Therian is able to do. Minus 'physical shifting', which is scientifically impossible. These eight shifts are...

1. Mental Shifting

2. Phantom Shifting

3. Dream Shifting

4. Cameo Shifting

5. Astral Shifting

6. Sensory Shift

7. Bi-location Shifting

8. Aura Shifting

There are also many types of Therians as well, more specifically, 6 types.

If you'd like to know more about therians, please go here: www.therian-guide.com/index.php/1-home.html
Daisy is a cat therian.

I am a therianthrope and my therio-type is a Canadian grey-wolf.

Hunter feels spiritually connected to horses, due to him being a therian.
by Renéeeeee June 5, 2018
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