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when SMART or open minded people use drugs, they will realize that things aren't just like people tell you. Weed'll keep you off the edge, make you appreciate your time here and be more aware. Weed is hardly a drug. Alcohol is more of a drug (or poison) than most think.
Drugs, drugs, drugs, some are good and some are bad,
Drugs, drugs, drugs, ask your mom or ask your dad

If you wanna try a drug that'll make you realize, after several hours of contemplation, what it's really all about (not to mention the immediate effects ony last 3-10 mins), try SALVIA extract. It's legal, let's keep it that way

Person 1: Man, I'm all road raged the fuck out!

Person 1's passenger: Dude, chill out, smoke this and relax to the max!
by Relb July 24, 2006

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