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That tricky situation a girl finds herself in when she's just getting off her period, but isn't exactly "on the market" yet. You know, it might be like day 5 or 6 and a slim pantiliner may be all that is needed. At the same time, no one wants to gross a dude out. It certainly is a quandry. But while PERIODS may stop it right there, COMMAS... are only a pause. There's always more to come after a comma.
Girl #1: Yo Stacy I met this fine brotha at the club last night
Girl #2: That's hot but damn girl, ain't you on your period?
Girl #1: Hell no hunny, that was two days ago! I'm on my comma now.
Girl #2: Well shit, that's a different story then. So what'd you do?
Girl #1: I took him home with me, what else?
by ReiReiK April 16, 2008

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