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Anyone who visits a winery tasting room but doesn't buy any wine. (People riding bicycles generally don't buy wine because they can't carry it, and Canadians are the worst because you can't even ship wine to Canada.)
One winery tasting room worker to another: "How were sales over the weekend?"

Reply: "Shitty. Nothing but a bunch of Canadian bicyclists."
by Redneck Lawyer December 27, 2011

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A separate but equal alternative to civil marriage for heterosexual couples who oppose marriage equality on religious grounds. Provides all of the same rights and benefits of marriage but without the stigma of the label "marriage" now that the institution of marriage has been destroyed by allowing gays and lesbians to get married in some jurisdictions.
Dave: "I just heard that Mike and Cathy cancelled their wedding! Did they break up?"
Diana: "No, but after that lesbian couple moved in next door, they decided to get a religious union instead."
by Redneck Lawyer May 10, 2012

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