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Baby boomers are the generation of people who decided to mess everything up and leave it up to the generation after them to clean everything up and deny they did anything wrong in the first place. Often by changing the subject by talking about how technology dumbs down kids and talking about how kids are so entitled. They may show a political cartoon, a type of meme for old people, usually showing how technology is ruining the youth.
20 y/o: Grandpa, why didn't you replace the toilet paper roll. There's only one sheet left.
Baby Boomer Grandfather: I didn't use all of it. Its not my job to replace it. Why do all of you kids feel so entitled now-a-days? Probably those damn Iphones and gameboys and pokemons you dumb millennials play with. Damn evilspawns.
by Really Aesthetic August 10, 2019

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The act of inhaling and exhaling through the lungs. Breathing is not specific to oxygen, although you may suffer from asphyxia if you do not inhale oxygen. Asphyxia can cause you to get diagnosed with dead. Uneducated people, illiterates, thots, and fuckboys may use a gibberish misuse of the word "breath" (a word used to describe the trashcan odor originating from their mouth) as the word breathe.
Choking Dumbass posting on snapchat: I cant breath
me: No, you cant breathe. But you know what. I don't care. You deserve it.
by Really Aesthetic August 11, 2019

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