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Wearer of only Ralph Lauren polo shirts, usualy worn inside with loafers and torn up jeans half down their trousers, with 3day old boxers on underneath

Always found drinking jugs of pims brought by daddy or mummy at the local Hunt Ball, or pints of Bitter with their pals in there local underage pub.
Listen to songs like 'Roxanne by Sting' or the Top Gun soundtrack.

Went to Public School paid for by daddy
1. 'Come on tabatha lets get bevved up at keyholes tonight and catch up with henry and marcus'

2. My daddy drives a jaguar

3. Rahh im a toff

4. drink up Richard, or ull have to pour the rest of that beer over your head

5. I love polo

6. 'hi vicki, its bella, mummys just brought me a gucci watch, how amazing am i'
by Rarah Henry January 29, 2005
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