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This is a physical act that takes place between two people of opposite sexes. For this act to take place both parties involved are typically sexually stimulated. Once stimulation has reached a certain point, one individual will usually maneuver their body into a position that would facilitate contact between the fun parts of the human anatomy. As the stimulation continues to increase, the people involved gradually rub against each other in an up and down manner that mimics the act of sexual intercourse. This rubbing action ('humping') allows for the participants to experience some degree of friction while engaging in this activity. At first, the friction is considered to be a pleasurable feeling. After a while, however, irritation can occur. Why you ask? Because this whole thing takes place while their clothes are on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, by the way, leads to one of two outcomes:
1) An abrupt halt to the dry humping, which usually is caused by an extended amount of skin irritation
2) Full on wild animal kingdom SEX TIME (considered to be way more fun than option 1)
Kevin once told me that 'dry humping' was his favorite past time (and it secretly still is, just ask his inflatable doll!!!!!!)!!!!!
by Randy Watson November 30, 2006

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