2 definitions by Randy Young

Another great cruel sex move! This one is from Ontario, Canada:
While having sex in the doggy position the male pulls out and proceeds to spit (saliva) on their partners back. Thinking that a load of semen has been dropped and sex is over, the said partner turns around to kiss her lover, only to have the real load shot square in his/her face! Classic!
Humiliated, Suzy dumped Billy shortly after he gave her the false advertisement.
by Randy Young February 26, 2005
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When a man is having sexual intercourse with a woman and attempts to get his testicles in too. Also known as "steeping the bag". Not recommended for novice romantic's as NO one I know has ever had success!
I heard he managed to get his cock AND balls into Sandra's gigantic hole... Alas! Someone has achieved the total package!
by Randy Young February 26, 2005
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