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If somebody is actually stupid enough to read this far down, especially about something as boring as macd's, then please mail me. shade@ministryofsound.net. It would be interesting to know how sad you are. BTW, I know someone who works there and puts hairs in the burgers when he cooks them. Once he put a dead spider in. It was funny.
Why are McNuggets always cold?
by Random December 17, 2003
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The city is known as and refered to as new york city, especially in jersey, because its so close and just understod that it is THE CITY and theres none like it
Random person1: Hey where you going this weekend
Random Person2:...the city
Random person1: oh sweet...where abouts
Random person2: Madison square garden....the knicks
Random Person1: nice...theyll loose
by random February 17, 2005
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