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1: someone who is playg a medicinl/healing class, but run head first into fucking everythng, and usually pwns
2: the latter again but usually dies xD
3:a player on left for dead who runs through the level fucking his teamates, while spamming the melee attack while holding a med pac
4:Someone on gears of war who is bleeding on the floor, crawls into the enemy to give the teamates a little bit of time to heal someone else
RoXoR n00b: seeya fuckers hahaha
A7555: well were boned
Widomak3r: Rambo medic you so of a bitch

by Rambo Medic April 30, 2009
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someone who is above the level of r0x0r it is unknown why people invert the letters from capitols but thats how it is done,
on the other hand someone who puts noob after the word RoXoR e.g. RoXoR n00b
they are meant to pwn people at something there fairly new at
RoXoR n00b:i totally pwnd that rank 87 in gears of war 2
A7555:...teach me...
by Rambo Medic April 30, 2009
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Rambo Medics Field Trainees
this is an online xbox 360 clan with an evergrowing population of rambo medics, the founder RoXoR n00b, started off this craze for a laugh but it is now a worldwide phenominon
RoXoR n00b: hey i'm in a clan
A7555: oh oh can i join
RoXoR n00b: no, Rambo medics field trainees will not allow it
A7555: why the fuck not
RoXoR n00b: the council of the rambo medics hates you
A7555: your such fucking jerk you know that
by Rambo Medic May 03, 2009
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