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Bedford Mass...AKA Deadford. A small town with a small highschool of around 750 where about a third of the kids live on Hanscom AFB.

We're right next to rich douche bag asshole Concord and wannabe ghetto asshole Lexington, and whenever we go somewhere out of state or even twenty minutes away and we say we're from Bedford they always say OH I WENT THERE THE HARBOR IS LOVELY. This is where I punch them in the face and say FUCK YOU THAT'S NEW BEDFORD. At least we have a McDonald's, SUPER stop and shop, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, and three liquor stores.

We probably have the most drugs in our immediate area, mostly consisting of reefer but we also have shrooms, acid, salvia, X, and probably more...Drinking is common too.

For some reason, the amount of traffic makes getting from one side of town to the other nearly impossible.

We have a good high school full of preppy stoners, smart stoners, jock stoners, dumb stoners, and ghetto stoners. Then there are a few straight edge kids. It's mostly white kids, and the black kids are either from the base or (mostly) from Boston (metco program). However, the black kids usually just intimidate the white kids, walk slow, and the black girls get mad if you get within 3 feet of them. While some may think it, there isn't much bad-assery around except for the middle schoolers who draw dicks all over the barely used skatepark......

Our sports suck most of the time, but when they aren't sucking they actually do pretty well.

To sum it up, Bedford is a rich, white person town with a nice commercial center, and near the mall (thankfully), full of stoners (of all ages, not just the HS), and undiverse. But better than limp dick Concord.
New Bedford will get owned by melted polar ice caps bitch
by Rahfeer CDOC January 13, 2009
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