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Possibly one of the greatest current female British singers out there!

She has a lovely voice, and sings with a southern English accent. Incredibly talented, she writes very unique lyrics, they are like story telling lyrics. Yes, some lyrics are random, but they have a powerful meaning to them, and they are random for a purpose.

She fully deserved her Brit Award and her NME Award, because she is the best female singer out there!

She writes her own lyrics, writes her own music, plays several instruments, at live performances she normally plays the keyboard whilst singing. Shes talented all right!

And NO SHE IS NOT A CHAV! she plays indie, indie-pop, that is not chavy. Stop stereotyping her accent.

She Rocks Our British Socks Tbh!!
Person 1: You heard that Kate Nash?? she is soooooo amazing!!

Person 2: Yeh blaaad, shes one of us Chavs innit likee, braaap big it up!

Person 1: Is she balls!! shes awesome! get bent you scumbag! dont ever insult someone by calling them a chav!

*shoots the chav, everyone cheers*
by Radical Judas April 18, 2008
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