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I wouldn't say Polly Spade caters 2 a more LAtin audience.more like 'underground'.dudes mixd tho.been 'round since 04/5 too.just aint get signd til 07.last time niggaz saw Spade wuz @ta show @ Cubby Bear in Chicago. he's known 4 fuckin strippers..raw..lmao btw da big homie's from Brooklyn/Los Angeles
...saw him @ Bikini Lounge in Washington Heights on Halloween all up on 2 Dominican chix...barkin bout 'i'm the best rapper alive'..spillin a watered down rum & coke..lmao... He supposed to be workin wit Goretex, MF Grimm, & Bizzy Bone on the next joint..but since he got dropped from EMI..who knoze..
D@ nigga APollo Spade used 2 put in work out in Long Beach, El Centro, VA & Sur Carolina...fooz know him tho..I hurr he went on a east coast tour 2 yrs ago & neva came bacc...go figure...
by Rache11z November 08, 2008
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