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Scotland is great for sooo many reasons,
Scottish people invented:
the T.V. (Logie-Baird)
Pennicilin (Flemming)
the telephone (Bell)
whisky (without an 'e' if it has an 'e' its shit!)
US Navy(Jones-maybe not something to be that proud of :S)
Bank of England (thats right and now Scottish note are often knocked bank in that glorious land, the irony...)
think that's enough but the list is endless.
OH NO WAIT!!! missed out the most important... IRN BRU!!!
the most amazing drink in the world, so amazing that America fear it, having banned the import and so selling of it!)
also the most patriotic(not to be confused with biggoted), beutiful and just, as the great neds would say, pure minted!
Scotland is pure great by ra way!
by Rach E December 11, 2005

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