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Desert Eagle. Pretty cool gun. Finicky with ammo. Really does not like lightly loaded rounds. Mine does fairly well with the ammo I reload for it using starline brass, Rainier 335gr bullets, CCI-350 primers, and 29 grains (weight not individual grains) of H110 powder.

The percieved recoil is actually less than most .44magnum revolvers like my 44 Ruger Blackhawk. This is due to it being gas operated and especially due to its excessive weight. Those of you that say it will break your wrist have no clue what you are talking about. Don't buy into the hype. It's powerful for a handgun but it is completely controllable with practice.

It's not worth having if you don't reload as ammo is $1-$1.50 per round. I can load the above "recipe" for about $160 per thousand if I already have the brass which can withstand a dozen or more loadings.

It does serve a practical role as a hunting handgun but is probably rarely used as such.
You guys make some pretty retarded comments on your wisdon of the Desert Eagle.
by RRA_45 May 05, 2006

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