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A young man who sounds and acts middle-aged. The sound of his voice most likely resulting from chain smoking. A Lacavi, an extremely fat, and unlikable individual, having no ability to coerce a woman or a man into liking him finds it necessary to adopt a child to spend his time with. However, Lacavis treat their adopted children like trash and barely keep them out of the attention of children's services. Lacavis, not having a strong connection with anyone tend to feel it is necessary to exaggerate and make things up to make themselves seem cool. They also generally disappear for long periods of time without a trace. This is generally because they have crossed the line with their adopted child and raped them or raped another individual.
Come here son, get away from that awful Lacavi.

That Lacavi said that he did a 2700 dmg Blade: Jin on an IT... that's not even possible.
by RPCblast July 05, 2006
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