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1. royally ass-stuffed with a big hard dicksicle

2. see cornhole
Spud lubed his bunghole with some green dragon, so that his gay lover could more easily administer the universal reprimand.
by RNC August 23, 2006
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Justa fuckin' losertarian
Jeff the Fake Libertarian is justa fuckin losertarian, that Bush-loving liberal.
by RNC June 29, 2005
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Monkey Faced Liberal. Someone like Spud who lets his chin hairs grow out every Winter just so they can attract chimps and other females with excessive underarm hair. Not to be confused with JFL, who actually is an MFL but without all the face hair.
JFL and his SMIB homies be spankin' the monkey so much that they be one big MFL circle jerk, mofo.
by RNC January 10, 2008
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