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A small upper/middle class suburban city of LA County, better known for it's huge Asian population. The city's main roads are scattered with endless amounts of Asian grocery stores, bakeries, and even banks. You can tell when you enter Rowland Heights because the only cars you will see are Mercedes, BMWs, Hondas,and Toyotas with little Asian women driving them recklessly. Rarely will you see a Ford or even a Chevy for that matter. You know you grew up in Rowland Heights if you and your Asian gangster wannabe friends used to hang out at the mall and at the AMC theatre on weekends. If and when you decide to stop by this city lacking in any kind of cultural diversity, do NOT be surprised by the ridiculous amounts of fixed up Honda Civics that speed by you with cheap exhaust systems sounding like broken lawnmowers. CIVICS ARE COOL and the drivers inside of them are even cooler. The typical Rowland Heights civic driver: male, under the age of 20, long spiked hair, earrings, oversized clothing, and usually with a boba in his non-driving hand. If you're not from RH, "boba" is a Chinese tea drink with starchy balls inside that became really popular a couple years back especially in asian-dominated cities. Don't let there looks fool you however, these guys are NOT gangsters. 99& of these kids all go to Rowland High School if not Diamond Bar High (another asian-wannabe infested city) and go to church on Sundays. Their parents bought them their civics and provided them with the money to put in cheap sound systems and put on ridiculous looking rims as well as their lawnmower exhausts. The Hispanic population is considerable but the Caucasian population is virtually nonexistent and the ONLY place you will see the white population in RH is at the local Police Station(most of these guys are dicks). So the next time you decide to visit beautiful Rowland Heights, California make sure you enjoy the scenery, the Asian culture, and the loud rap music that's blaring from a teenagers fixed up car.
Yo, dawg im from Rowland Heights. I'm straight up hood. Yeh, I drive my civic to work and sometimes school. But im too cool for school, i gotta drive around all day with some 50 cent bumpin from my car. Cause im hood like that. Yo and the next time you see me chillin at a boba shop, give me a holla, i be chillin with my homeboys.
by RH BABY March 12, 2008

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