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The best drug I've ever tried... and I've tried a lot of drugs.
If you're gunna thizz, make sure you take enough so you REALLY feel it.
You get the most amazing body high and you love everyone and everything.
When you're thizzin make sure to listen to music. I like hyphy and rave best when on it. Massage youself, get massages, and give massages. Don't be alone when thizzin, you'll wanna talk to people for hours.
I spill all my secrets and want to have deep conversations.
Flashing lights are amazing.
So is lotion.
And soft things. Big beds are nice too.
Just be careful, I was getting addicted for a while and thizzin every weekend is not good. Spread it out.
It's a really good way to get to know people though. If only ecstasy was more like pot, I'd be poppin pills every day then.

Thinking about ecstacy is making me wanna pop a couple pills right now.
by REDnHEAD August 13, 2008

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