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A small city outside of St.Louis] MO that has a strange mix of black people,rednecks,yuppies,rich people and poor people. It has a growth rate of 5% a year which makes sure that there is non-stop construction. St.Charles is the oldest city on the missouri river and constantly glorifies the fact that it was were the explorers louis and clark took off from. There is some crime and even some small amounts of gang activity. There are many homeless people but for some reason nobody notices all of the homeless people who hang out in the park at night (There is also many drug dealers and addicts). St.Charles is commonly reffered to as a small town in the news even though its not and is really quite large for a suburb. It is in many ways like St.Louis like the fact that st.charles gets more seedy as you go north or east as does St.Louis. My best advice is that you should try not to stay in saint charles for too long.
I live in St.Charles MO

by RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! July 24, 2008

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