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Since 2005, Fresh Entertainment has set the standard in production in Los Angeles with International Dj's and full scale, concert size, event productions. Come discover what it means to be FRESH in L.A!!
This years fresh entertainment's anniversary will be off the hook with these talents:

Sean Tyas
Global Dj's
Filo & Peri
dj micro
dj fresh
special d
brooklyn bounce
victor dinaire
steve smooth
dj scotty boy
distorted minds
+many many more!!
by QueenBinx March 19, 2009
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Bringing the city of Los Angeles 9 hours of Nonstop grooves that will keep you dancing all night long! Fresh Squeezed Festival brought to you by Fresh Entertainment, is the summers juciest event. With thousands of pounds of oranges given out FREE all night, combined with world class DJ lineups and Massive Stage Production. Join us in celebration of summer!
I am going to bring all my friends and we are going to dance like crazy as we celebrate summer at Fresh Squeezed Festival!
by qUEEnBinX June 25, 2009
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