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A series of books written by a hobo by the name of J.K Rowling
The story is about a young boy (Harry Potter) who later finds out he is a wizard, but with a deadly past that will haunt him over and over...and OVER througout the whole series.
He must confront the one who killed his parents, which will take whole series to do. He is bald..and has no nose
The whole story is very boring though, just the usual high school drama, mixed with an evil bald guy, and things you'd hear from Dungeons and Dragons.

Sadly these book later became movies, starring little british kids. Now the movies (and books)have become huge hits, making the hobo very VERY rich.

The Harry Potter movies would be the only reason why it became a hit. No movies would mean just a random book called Harry Potter probably being used as tissue paper for a hobo. (maybe j.k rowling ;D)

Oh and girls seem to love it, i suppose it's due to that british kid Daniel Radcliffe who stars as Harry in the movies. (no daniel radcliffe = who gives a fuck about the books?)

The pope agrees =D
Chick- Lets go watch Harry Potter for the 5th time!
Dude- Common, can't i pick a movie tonight?
Chick- Your just going to pick Star Wars or LOTR!
Dude- It's better than watching some teen wizard go through puberty...

Chick- Hmph! I don't want to watch a movie anymore!
Dude- (no punany for me tonight -_-)
by Purple Helmet Warrior! September 23, 2007

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