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The One and Only Most Beautiful Woman in both Worlds. Short Mexican Girl, Beautiful long Brown curly hair that smells good as her skin, Large Brown Treasure Eyes that are out of this World, She's; Smart, Strong, Independent, Brave, Loving, Determined, Feirce, Fearless, Powerful, Gentle, Soft, Sarcastic, Funny, She's EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING A MAN CAN PRAY FOR. Becareful with her, she's really Dangerous with her Love. Know She'll love you to her Fullest. She's understanding and thinks outside the box, Her mind is open to Opinions and is not afraid to put her two cents in. She'll stand up for others when needed especially for her family and friends. If you meet an Arcelia, be sure to thank her mother. Without her She wouldn't be the Strong Woman that She is. If her Passion is Dance, then boy, watch out, because with Arcelia, there is no stopping her and be sure to watch her how she glows when she dances wether if it's practice or a show, even if it's just few steps in a small room. To see her drive and passion is so powerful it'll bring peace to your heart and mind. She loves to be goofy in the kitchen is very well a dirty joker. Arcelia, The most Flawless Smiler. Has a beautiful smile that makes every moment freezes as she smiles. Her Heart beat is beautiful and very strong, it makes the most beautiful song your ears will listen to. There's so much of Arcelia you might as well write a Bible out of her. The most Beautiful Treasure.
Arcelia is so Beautiful in this Life and the Next.
by PurgatoryWolf January 31, 2020
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