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MurDaVille, Money Earnin', Mo V., Da Ville, Murda Mount are all the same thing. 1 of 3 NYC suburbs on the north border of the Bronx (Mt.Vernon, Yonkers and New Rochelle). Consists of 3 main neighborhoods: Fleetwood, Chester Heights, and Da Ville. Fleetwood is rich people (from what I hear), Chester Heights is too, and Da Ville is the ghetto. There is one project on 3rd and 7th called Levister Towers. Everywhere else in Da Ville is depressed and ghetto. The only 2 shopping centers are The Ave. (4th Ave.), and Gramatan Ave. Rich, white folks go to Gramatan to shop, hood people go to the Ave. Has the highest crime rate in Westchester county. Also has a higher crime rate than NYC(check the stats). Home of world famous strip club Sue's Rendezvous. Childhood home of up and coming rapper PureComp. More recently, the home to the MurDaVille Bloods, mainly on 3rd and 3rd. Only 4.2 square miles. Rejected by NYC and Yonkers. Yonkers people swear they better than us. Guess what? You're not. Start a conversation with anybody 4rm Y-O and the first thing they'll say is, "Well in Yonkers..." MURDAVILLE STAND THE F**K UP!!!!! S. FULTON AVE. ALL DAY!!! R.I.P. 2-5.
1.Nas: To everybody in Queens, the foundation
The world is yours
To everybody uptown, yo, the world is yours
The world is yours
To everybody in Brooklyn
Y'all know the world is yours
The world is yours
EVERYBODY IN MOUNT VERNON, the world is yours
Long Island, the world is yours
Staten Island, yea the world is yours
South Bronx, the world is yours

2.Mt. Vernon person: "Let's go to the Ave."
Yonkers person: "Well in Yonkers we go to the square, hah."
Mt. Vernon person: SHUT THE F**K UP ABOUT YONKERS!!"

3."Yo, they call it MurDaVille 4 a reason, B. South Fulton is crazy."
by PureComp187 January 31, 2007

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