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A seriously hardcore and risky drinking game (for male/female participants) to be played only with people one trusts.

A bag containing a mixture of lewd (some downright lecherous) and non-lewd commands is placed at the center of a group of male/female participants.
1.) Participants (at beginning of game) sit m/f/m/f...
2.) All participants take shots equal to the minimum number of letters in a participant's first name--ex.) if the participant with the shortest first name is "Jack," participants take four shots.
3.) The participant to the right of the minimum-lettered first name participant draws first, and reads command out loud.
4.) If the participant refuses to obey the command he/she reads, he/she must take a shot, and pass to the person to his/her right.
5.) The game ends when the bag is empty.

Commands often include sexual stimulation of both homo and heterosexual varieties, and must be done in front of the group.
After playing bag of tricks with students he barely knew, Tom spent the entire following day worried about the itching in his crotch.

After I went along with all the commands in bag of tricks last Tuesday (even though I felt disgusting afterward), my boyfriend is looking at me in a new light.
by Pug Ugly December 08, 2006
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