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I am eleven years old, and tweens seem to be exactly what you think they are. Only a few of my classmates can write a coherent sentence, and even the ones who can are obsessed with Justin Bieber or Avril Lavigne or, in extreme cases, Twilight.
While many people seem to think there is a single, strict recipe for stupid tweens, they are actually all stupid in their own special way. For example, the girl who calls herself emo when the only songs on her iPod are by Taylor Swift, or the one who eats one piece of candy at recess and becomes "ZOMG SO TTLY HYPER-RAND0M!!1! CHEEZ!" Generally, most 10-12 year olds don't care what you call them, but you're better off calling the intelligent ones "Pre-teens" or "Young adults", to distinguish them from the 'other' ones.
Before you judge a tween, take a good look at her. Is she wearing an inappropriately short skirt? Is her bra stuffed? Is she squealing and dancing around with her friends? Or is she wearing appropriate clothes for her age, perhaps chatting with a friend or on the phone, but overall being calm and mature, like a normal human? Think before you judge.
(An actual conversation with one of my peers)
Me: You're not going to get better if you keep doing that.
Other Tween: Doing what?
Me: Well, I'm supposed to be helping you, but you're just copying my answers.
Other Tween: So? That's not gonna stop me from getting into Harvard!
(She gets C's and D's in math to this day.)
by Pudgy Adolescent February 02, 2011
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