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Psychiatry is pseudoscience (fake) and a waste of money in society. It serves to control people, like religion, feeding them lies and absolute bullshit that they are expected to believe. A bane of our times. A dangerous medical field that relies on drugging and torturing normal people for no reason at all. Psychiatry no doubt is an evil endeavor, a pointless proposition and a total travesty. Psychiatrists are the evil minions of the whatever hell-spawn you believe in. A movement is under way to free peoples' minds: anti-psychiatry, a growing grassroots movement to rid the world of anyone who thinks mental illnesses actually exist.

Contrary to a previous definition, people who hate psychiatry probably have never had a mental illness since mental illness isn't even real.
Psychiatry killed the cat, nothing can bring him back!

Psychiatry? Oh, let me refer you to pseudosciences category.

Oh no, not again. Johnny thinks psychiatry can help him a little, when really it has him tricked and will probably kill him shortly.
by Psych Wards Kill Innocent Kids December 10, 2009

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