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A theatre geek is a person who acts and sings everywhere they go, because any sentence reminds them of a musical. They're usually extremely hyper because they chug down coffee and Monster before rehearsals to stay awake. They are very good at memorizing things because they have to memorize monologues. They are usually in their school's choir, musical productions, and plays. True theatre kids don't limit themselves to acting and singing in just those shows, and usually do shows in community theater as well. They are loud and obnoxious and they don't care what you think about them. They get along with pretty much everyone but some dislike jocks greatly. They spend their time looking up new musicals/plays, learning songs/monologues, and thinking of what the next show is going to be for them and who they think would be cast as whatever. They usually get pissed off if you don't know your lines by Tech week, or 'Heck Week', 'Hell Week', or even 'Heaven Week'. Tech Week is the week where you finally use tech equipment, and the rehearsals last about 5 hours. They usually try to stay optimistic and are actually quite horny people. Yet, they never find anything sexual about getting dressed in front of the opposite sex. Their pet peeve is when people who have no talent become famous (cough cough Rebecca Black cough) and they are always busy from going to rehearsals and cast parties. Don't mess with them or you'll die.
In general, they are outstanding people.
Person: Wow! Look at those hills!
Theatre Geek: *singing* The Hills are alive....with the sound of music...

Theater Geek: Hey! Learn your lines already or I'll say them! God! Don't come back to this theatre troupe next year!
Kid who didn't know lines: Bitch...

Theatre kid: He was making fun of us, it's what he gets.

Theater Geek 1: Ready for Tech Week? I'm not.
Theater Geek 2: Are you kidding?! I'm so excited!!!!!!

Average 11 yr old kid: Wow, Big Time Rush sure is amazing!
11 yr old Theatre Kid: They suck, I should be singing on TV.
by Proud_theatre_geek August 19, 2011

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