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A series of 30-second commercial spots that describe events in Canadian history. The acting quality in these low-budget commercial spots is rather poor.
Halifax Explosion: "Come on Vince! Come on!"
School Board dumbass: "Both of ye know I cannot read a word."
Mountie Sam Steel: "He didn't even have a gun! Why didn't I shoot that guy?"
First Multiplex: "You don't like 15? How about 21?"
First Microwave Comm Network: "We'll BUILD a cable car!"
Inventor of Basketball: "But I need these baskets back."
Creator of Superman: "A superhero in tights? It will never fly Joe."
Underground Railroad: "WHERE'S PA?!?!"
Arctic natives: "Now the people will know we were here."
early explorers: "That word they used, 'Canada'. I think it means 'the village'."
defense of Quebec: "I will answer from the mouth of my cannon."
Laura Second: "Take me to Fitzgibbon."
Irish refugees: "We need to keep our Irish names!"
OTHERS: jailed French author, native American refugees, Signal Hill (first wireless broadcast), WWII female fighter pilot, many more...
by ProudCanadian August 10, 2005
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