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People bash windows and say it's like a 300$ virus for a reason, simply because it's true. Learn how computer OS's work and you will see.

To the idiot no7orious who wrote "Mac worshippers who think that Mac OS X is "safer" than Windows need to get their shit straight - people who create spyware and viruses naturally want to infect as many people as possible... and what computer do most people use? PC's!!! They don't want to waste their time making viruses for computers that not many people use - they focus on the majority!"

You couldn't be further from the truth. It is YOU who needs to get your shit straight and learn how OS's works and see that even if viruses and spyware were created for macs, the user would have to implement it themselves by enter the root password. You fucking idiot.

Mac OS X is a fucking amazingly stable, and learn that the way Mac's work is superior to the stupid coding that windows use. Wow so some games won't work, big deal(they have windows emulators though). I can finally customize my PC to my needs without having some fucking error message pop up and crash my machine. I can browse the internet and install and use(though techincally I'm not installing the Application, since it's stand alone) without having to worry about spyware and viruses and stupid bullshit like that.

Real computer people know that Mac's are better and just more fun to use. Even programmers know it. Everything is easier to access if you just learn to use it. Graphics are handled way easier since its openGL and a mac is a so much more powerful than any PC is. People who bash Mac's are just stupid gamer junkies who fail to see who the OS works.

With my Mac OS X I no longer have to have stupid bullshit spyware protectors and virus guards installed and running in the backround sucking up my resources. I can let my wife and kids use it without having to worry about viruses and shit. The games I play also handle much better due to open GL and I can make graphics and flash videos so much easier. Though I do own Windows(for gaming), I would take a Mac anyday over Windozes. I know how both of the OS's work. I wish game designers would see the light and program the games for MACs
Mac OS X>windows.

Don't deny the truth fanboys. You just fail to see the light.
by Proud to own a mac March 04, 2006
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