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The human race only has one race: Humans!

On the other hand, people having roots in Mexico, are currently being oppressed by the descendants of Immigrants from Europe.

The only Non-Immigrant Americans are the Native Americans. Even if you were born in the USA you are still a descendant of Immigrants, therefore you would be in the same situation as a black person born and raised in Germany or Iceland. You would still be a German or a Icelandic, yet a descendant of Immigrants.

The big difference is that Immigrants to the USA, Germany and Iceland DO NOT GENOCIDE the Natives.

Just ask a Native American.
The use of the Mexican Race is wrong.

Other ethnicities that have also been oppressed when they first immigrated to the USA are the Italians and Irish.

Coming to the USA is like joining a Fraternity: first get hazed, then accepted and finally you get to haze other new pledges (immigrants).
by Proud American since b4 1492 August 20, 2009
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