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the viscid, whitish fluid produced in the female reproductive organs
"Dude, how long has it been since you've washed your sheets? They're full of semen and sewomen!"
by Promospaien November 07, 2007

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1)The essential properties of the male anatomy
2)Somebody who exhibits steadfast incompetence; a useless person
3)An insult; someone lacking social graces.
4)A man who is only good for sex.
5)An exclamatory.
6)Not an ingredient of dick-cheese-burgers, contrary to popular belief.
The woman was fienin’ for it, so I gave her the ol’ dickmeat.

We would have been on time if it wasn’t for dickmeat over here.

Hey dickmeat, fuck off somewhere, will ya?

Man, that dude pickin’ up all the ladies is pure dickmeat.

*drops hammer on toe* Dickmeat!

A dick-cheese-burger!? Does that have dickmeat in it?
by Promospaien November 07, 2007

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