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A rare Pokemon seen throughout the Northwestern United States. Sneakatoke sightings are few and far between due to the sneaky nature of the creature. Catching the sneakatoke is a difficult task because of its high defense and speed. One must wait until the Sneakatoke begins to toke and then throw the pokeball. While toking he is defenseless, I recommend everyone throw a pokeball at every sneakatoke sighting as they are a rare pokemon.

Sneakatoke is often seen smoking a one hitter or vaporizer in public or occasionally a joint, spliff or pipe.

Typically in urban or suburban areas, typically the male species is more common but female sneakatokes have been sighted numerous times.
Usually seen or smelled as they produce a very pleasant aroma, that is the sign of the Sneakatoke.

BIlly - Whats that smell?
Charles - IDK BRAH,
Pokemon Trainer - WHOA! A WILD SNEAKATOKE!

Pokemon Trainer - Caught him!

Aw that one was easy, only level 4.

Sneakatoke - "SNEAKATOKE!!"
by Professor Tokenup June 24, 2013

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